The Gel Bottle is now available at the Shawn Paul Salon!


✨Our new gel line is HERE✨

The Gel Bottle (@the_gelbottle_inc) is a woman owned company based in lovely Brighton, England. We have been absolutely blown away by their gel polishes and are so excited to be offering their fabulous line in our nail salon.

What makes this gel polish so special, you ask?

Let 👏🏻 us 👏🏻 tell 👏🏻 you:

1. There’s a wide variety of unique colors! Including sparkles and neons 😻✨

2. The gel polish is applied using a “dry manicure” technique which promotes longevity.*

3. All of the polishes are highly pigmented!

4. Chip-resistant af.

5. Offers long-lasting shine!

6. Vegan AND Cruelty Free.

7. Easy to soak off!

*What is a dry manicure, you ask? We found this amazing explanation online from Fashion Magazine that perfectly explains the process!

A dry manicure means your fingers aren’t engaged in the usual water-soaking. Instead, the cuticles are softened with oil, gel or a cuticle remover. “When you soak natural nails in water, they expand,” explains Tips’ owner and veteran manicurist Leeanne Colley. “And it takes up to 24 for them to go back to their natural form.” When applied to inflated nail beds, the polish’s reaction when the nails return to normal is to commence with the dreaded chipping. That’s why “most people only get 2 to 3 days max from their manicure.” Another upside is the precise grooming it affords: water puffs up the cuticles, making dry skin less discernable. It’s no wonder I can’t stop marveling at my hands. Never again will I be steeping my digits.

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