Retail Extravaganza!

For One Day Only! The Shawn Paul Salon will be offering curbside pickup for all retail products!

When: Saturday, May 2nd from 10a to 1p
Where: Shawn Paul Salon
How: Pull up to the front of the Shawn Paul Salon. Once in front, Shawn will run out to your car, take you payment, and return with your goodies.

Due to social distancing, the retail sales will only be handled by Shawn Paul and his partner, Tim. There may be a wait and we appreciate the patience and understanding. We cannot wait to see your smiling face!

As a friendly request, we ask that you do not use your purchased online gift cards for this special retail offer. As a reminder for once we reopen, all gift card purchasers will receive 25% off all retail sales. Thank you!!