Product Review: I tried Comfort Zone skin care for a week and this is what I thought

Here it is! A detailed look at the Shawn Paul Salon’s exclusive spa and skincare line – Comfort Zone.

This last week, I decided to give a few of the products a try. Here are the products I used and what I thought of them:

~ Essential Face Wash

~ Essential Toner

~ Hydramemory Cream

~ Renight Cream

For starters, THE SCENTS. The scents alone were an instant sell for me. The face wash and toner both have really light, gentle scents that remind me of flowers and the color peach or at least what I image that shade of pink would smell like. But not the scent of peaches, do you know what I mean? Anyways, the smell is honestly something I look forward to every morning and evening. The Renight Cream reminds me of a combination of the scents of blueberries mixed with a warm vanilla smell. A truly calming and delectable scent, perfect for crawling into bed for a wonderful night’s rest. The Hydramemory cream is more of a fresh, clean laundry scent that is on the fruity side. Definitely the perfect morning boost that I need each morning.

In terms of how each product actual works, I am amazed at how concentrated the Essential Face Wash is. Honestly, a pea sized amount is perfect for washing my whole face and neck. The wash is really emollient and cleansing. Added to a little bit of water, I am able to get quite the cleansing lather going. When I dry my face off, I feel as if my face has never in its life been that clean. Following the face wash, I apply the Essential toner to a cotton round and swipe upward on my cheeks to really penetrate my pores. And then hit all of the trouble spots including my forehead, cheeks near my hairline, jawline, and finally, the bridge of my nose. Well, I might’ve thought my face was clean before?! The toner does an amazing job of removing any excess dirt. Over the last week or so, I have also noticed a significant difference in the brightness of my skin as well as a general even tone. I have always been someone who has had uneven skin tones and was never able to find something that could combat this issue. Well, the Essential toner did it. Finally, I finish my routine with either the Hydramemory Cream or the Renight Cream depending on the time of day. With the Hydramemory Cream, I generally have to apply two small pea-sized layers due to extreme dryness. However, the cream really does provide all day hydration! As for the Renight, one small pea-sized layer at night and my skin is ready for the best slumber of its life.

Recently, we started carrying tester/travel sizes of several of our Comfort Zone products. Have you been wanting to try some of the products but haven’t been ready to commit to a new product? The smaller sizes are the perfect way to try out a few of the products before taking the leap. All of the mini sizes are $13.00. Stop in to check them out or ask us if you have any questions!