Product Feature – Davines Hair Refresher

Davines Hair Refresher is a favorite product here at Shawn Paul Salon in Cleveland Heights, because we ALL go that extra day without washing our hair and need a little help maintaining the greasy look. Davines’ Hair Refresher is waterless, creates full body volume, absorbs oil, freshens hair and best of all – it smells A-MAHHH-ZING. That is a real word, right? Well it should be! I was in complete disbelief when I first tried it. The smell was breathtaking and my hair has never looked so good after not washing it for two days (okay…three days JEEZ). The dry cleansing mist is only the best dry shampoo ever created. All you have to do is spritz some on your roots, brush and revive your magnificent hair! Seriously, it is a beauty product necessity.

Stay Beautiful,