Love Thy Neighbor… and tear up some cheese…

Have you ever been craving a a triple creme’ brie and blue cheese hybrid? Well, I have. Luckily Cleveland has the perfect answer to all of your fromage needs… I would like to introduce you to the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company! Seriously, I don’t recall the name of that before mentioned cheese, but they will know what I’m talking about… lives were changed.

Not only does place create unique cheeses in-house, they carry a collection of seriously well curated cheeses from all over the world! Oh, and they also offer a solid selection of charcuterie board must-haves! The Papi Salami is the $h:t!!!

Pair their cheeses, with locally crafted meats, Randy’s Pickles, and a some fresh house-made crackers, and you just three the perfect party!

Be sure to check out our pals at the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company. They are located at 4138 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44109

One of the SPS custom charcuterie spreads made on a Cleveland Cuts board!