Foiled… a tale as old as time… ish










It’s a tale as old as time… a girl with mid-toned brunette hair seeks a more “enlightened” state of being… or blonding if you will. What is she to do? Try Sun In or an at home kit? Not likely with Cleveland’s limited amount of sunny days and a well-warranted fear of creating a hot-mess-express of trashy hot roots and brassy ends… Okay so the tale might not be as “old as time”, but my gosh it is a tale that we all know to well… So whats the solution you might be asking? Well it’s simple… come in and let one of us get buck wild foil style.

I normally like to show a before and after, but in this case I think the before is enough… it will leave you wanting more… or at the very least thinking about your own current hair situation and wanting an appointment. Tricky marketing gimmicks are the worst… I know, right?

Our model today is absolutely stunning without an ounce of makeup on, but from time to time her hair needs a little TLC… Tender Lovin’ Color.


Thank you so much for letting me post this stellar photo of you my dearest model!