A Bit About our Hair Care!

Did you know that Shawn Paul Salon is an exclusive Davines’ hair salon?! All of the shampoos, conditioners, products, and color that we use are beautifully made by Davines, a high – end hair care company from Parma, Italy.

Never heard of Davines (Gasp!)? Well to start – all of the ingredients are completely MAGICAL, each product smells INCREDIBLE and the packaging is absolutely darling. We have used some empty containers as decoration in the salon (they make the perfect container for succulents – hint, hint)!

Here are a few things you should know about the wonderful company!

Davines is a family owned company that actively promotes sustainability and believes in making products that are good for their consumers and the planet. All of the products are made cruelty – free and a vast majority of the products are vegan (Seriously, only a few of the products are non – vegan! Their website lists the products, so it is easy to keep track of). In addition to the ethical treatment of animals, Davines proudly uses 100% clean electric energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind, water, and soil – all of which do not release CO2, do not pollute the environment and are constantly renewed. They also proudly make products that fall within Lifegate’s Zero Impact Project and encourage their participating salons to adhere to Lifegate’s project, offering assistance and education.

Not only does Davines make amazing products, they are dedicated to making a positive impact. The company started a campaign to encourage salons to participate in Sustainable Beauty Day – a day where participating salons offer their clients haircuts and/or blow dry during normal off days, and all proceeds, based on free donations, are given to socio-environmental projects as the creation and protection of forest areas, environmental upgrading, strengthen of communities through agriculture. How amazing is that?!

Davines products go a step further in creating sustainable products that help reduce the negative impact on the planet – all packaging is sustainable as well!!! They use as little raw material as possible and use a significant amount of recyclable materials to package their products. They also have serious quality control and use some super serious logistics (*insert google definition of business logistics here*) to avoid as much waste as they can!