Q&A with a Client – Hair Replacement

Angela (@angaddshair) is back at the Shawn Paul Salon! And with the return of the amazing Ang, come new services.

Angela has been a member of the Shawn Paul Salon since the beginning! Seriously, like before the other Lee Road location! However, for the last two years, Angela has taken some time off from the salon to raise her beautiful daughter. While away, she perfected her hair replacement craft and with her return, the Shawn Paul Salon has started offering hair replacement services.

We asked one of Angela’s real life clients some questions to give some additional context on the new services! Check them out below!

What other options did you consider or try ?

Surgery and shaving!

What was your experience with other solutions like?

I found surgery to be too expensive and shaving was too much of a short term solution.

What were some things you were nervous about?

I was nervous that people would be able tell I was wearing a hair replacement system.

How were those worries resolved?

Those worries were resolved once the hair replacement system was perfectly blended on my head!

How did this process change you and your lifestyle?

The process gave me more confidence helped me feel younger. It also saved me time when getting ready.

What is the biggest challenge you face with wearing hair and how do you work through it?

The maintenance is the biggest challenge but with the right stylist and support team along with regular appointments with my stylist, it is no different than going to get a haircut and planning around the time it takes to go to the salon.

What is the best thing about wearing hair?

The best thing about wearing hair is feeling younger and the boost in confidence that I feel.

How long did it take you to feel comfortable and confident with wearing it?

I started feeling comfortable and confident almost immediately.

How long did it take you to feel confident and comfortable with caring for the hair and maintenance?

I started feeling confident and comfortable with caring for the hair and the maintenance within the first few months. It becomes easier and more comfortable the more you wear it. You become more comfortable with your stylist and incorporating it into your lifestyle.