Hot Mess Express Turned Sleek and Sexy

One of my favorite ladies popped by the Shawn Paul Salon for a color and style overhaul. Her original color was a softer, sun-worn red that needed a little lovin’. So we created the rich new red by alternating several closely related color formulas throughout the entire head. Dimension is key when creating a believable and attractive redhead.

I am totally pro-curl, but sometimes you just have to mix it up a bit. Our fabulous model normally rocks her curls out using several of the Surface curl products, but today we busted out some serious straightness using Reflect Styling Gel and Bliss Smoothing Cream… Well those and of course a flat iron!

Here is BStyles (this is her code name)Before:


Drum Roll Please…. and

Here is BStyles After:

This transformation was a ton of fun and one that I am certain will happen again… Thanks BStyles for being such a great sport!