Guest Comfort Station Gets Mini-Makeover

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One of the little perks of your visit to the Shawn Paul Salon has always been a well curated collection of teas. We are kinda tea-crazy and think that everyone should have a comforting mug of tea daily. Make it a ritual if you will.  Our guests love selecting and personalizing our teas to suit their moods, and many of them now walk in and head on back to make their own, which is such a huge compliment to the environment that we’ve created! We envisioned the salon to feel like you’re at a friend’s house, a good friend that also happens to turn out some fabulous hair.


For us it’s the little personal touches and experiences that we offer that help us stand out from the numerous other options you have. We want you feel as relaxed and comfortable in our boutique salon as possible, and we think that a fresh steeping mug of tea is a great way to start off your visit.

So anyway, we recently added a bit more charm to our tea bar and I just want to share its adorableness with you! See you soon!