Review: I got a Forest Hill Custom facial and LOVED IT! – Emily

The services at the Shawn Paul Salon never disappoint and this time was no different. Let me start by telling you a bit about my skin. Although I don’t normally have a ton of blemishes, my skin is unbearably dry. I find myself putting on lotion a minimum of 5 times a day and that doesn’t even seem to be enough. My skin literally drinks the lotion as soon as I put it on and my face seems to be the worst offender.

Yesterday, I received a Forest Hill Custom facial from the salon’s resident skin queen – Char – and had a full blown euphoric experience. I am not kidding when I say I left that appointment feeling like I was floating. A true experience. And my skin? Hydrated. Glowing. Basking in the personalized attention that it received during the hour long facial.

The appointment started with Char asking questions about my skin, daily routine, and what concerns I had with the current state of my skin. After lying down, she began what she called the “Tranquility Ritual” to prep my skin for the intense treatment and to create a space and mindset for relaxation. Each product that she put on my face smelled even better than the last. I’m not kidding, at one point I thought a fresh bouquet of flowers were being fanned in my direction. The scents of each product are soft, yet so subtly fragrant and really promote calmness. I personally feel like most skin care products end up smelling all the same but they were such a pleasant and unique surprise!

And my thoughts about Char? Amazing. She was incredible and truly made me feel as comfortable as possible during my entire appointment. There was not one moment where I felt uncomfortable or anything less than bliss. She took the time to not only assess my skin, but assess my personal concerns and provide me with some tips and tricks for ways to maintain my skin after I left my appointment.

If you have the opportunity to experience one of Char’s services, run – don’t walk! You will not be disappointed.

-Emily B.  (Cleveland, Ohio)