Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with the Shawn Paul Salon and Davines

Did you know that the Davines product containers at the Shawn Paul Salon are both recyclable AND reusable?

It is no secret that Davines is an exuberant leader in the environmentally friendly movement. With a B Impact score of 99, they are a company that sets the standards for all others. As a result, it is no surprise that their containers are recyclable. But – did you know that they can be reused as food containers?

All of the conditioner tubs can be reused as Tupperware. Sauces? Small servings? Homemade hummus?! You name it! And the shampoo containers? Well, they make the perfect dressing containers! So the next time you make your own salad dressing, don’t forget to grab your empty (and thoroughly cleaned) product bottle for easy storing.

We’d love to see your innovative ways of reusing your product containers! Post your photo on Instagram and tag our account as well as include the hashtag – #ShawnPaulSalon