Product Feature : Rain, Rain…Clean My Face!!!

  • It has been a little rainy the last few days in Cleveland, Ohio, but we finally got a sunny day! Yeah, it may have been a little chilly, but – SUN!!! Speaking of rain, have you heard about Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser?! I recently gave a raving review about their Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains because I honestly cannot get enough and I just want to tell you about ALL of their amazing products.

The Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser is a great alternative to the Cleansing Grains if you prefer a liquid cleanser to a textured cleanser. Although the Oil Cleanser is different than the Cleansing Grains, it does not sacrifice any of the awesome benefits. This product is beautifully scented with Apricot, Tamanu, and Primrose.

By using the Oil Cleanser regularly, it will help to:

Balance oil production

Clean the deepest layers of skin

Regenerate the skin

Clear acne

Diminish scarring

Heal red areas & rough patches

Reduce Inflammation

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Beauty Tips:

This product is multi-purpose! It can also be used as a makeup remover – it easily removes mascara, eye make up and foundation without drying, irritating or rubbing.


Add a few drops of the Rain Oil Cleanser to the Clarity Awakening Face Cream to create a rich night time recovery cream!

How to Use: Apply the cleanser to your face and throat area. Use your fingers tips to gently massage the oil cleanser into your skin, using circular motions for about 30 plus seconds. To remove, use a warm, moist wash cloth to remove excess oil and any makeup/dirt. Follow with another layer to leave on for moisture retention.