Product Feature : Perfume for Your Hair?!

It is no secret that Shawn Paul Salon LOVES all things Davines. Not only are all of their products great for your hair, they all smell simply incredible (no really, they each smell divine)! Davines’ OI product line, however, definitely takes the cake for best smelling.

Well OI lovers, Davines has a new game changer. OI Alluring Mist is the product we have all been dreaming about! It is an Enchanting Hair Perfume that gives your hair a scent boost when the scent of your freshly washed hair begins to fade away (I mean…how many of us go two or three…*cough cough* four…days without washing our hair?). Truly, where has this product been all of our life?!

How to Use: Spray and go! Really – it is that simple. How great? 🙂