New in Nail Trends: Gel-X

New nail services are now available at the Shawn Paul Salon!

You may have heard of a new trend in nails recently that combines the look of acrylics with the use of gel polish. Apres Nails recently came out with a new product that allows for individuals to achieve length without the use of damaging acrylics. Instead, the system uses soft gel to create completely customizable shape and length without damaging your natural nails. Even better, application of the nails does not include any of the tedious filling, flying dust, or unpleasant odor. The maintenance is SUPER easy and removal is even simpler – you just need to soak them!

Our very own Lily (@goldfarbulous) tells us her three favorite things about the new Apres Gel-X system

1. They don’t damage the natural nail.

2. They last a long time!

3. They don’t have a harsh smell or a bunch of dust like traditional acrylics.

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