Product Feature – My New Favorite Facial Cleanser!!!

We started carrying Good Medicine Beauty Lab about two weeks ago here at Shawn Paul Salon in Cleveland Heights and all of us are just going crazy over the new products. I used the Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains last night for the first time and then again this morning in combination with the Clarity Awakening Face Cream and let me tell you – I’M IN LOVE! I’ve only used the cleansing grains twice and I have already seen a difference! Any pre-existing blemishes that I had are significantly less red and inflamed. My skin feels so soft and hydrated, I problem I seem to not be able to escape especially during these brisk winter months.

The cleansing grains are a dry dust that come in a beautiful glass jar. A little really does go a long way, all you need is a tiny pinch! I mixed a few droplets of water with the grains and it immediately started fizzing. I wet my hands a little bit more and started lathering my face – amazing! The grains give the cleanser a subtle scrubbing feeling but still goes on so smoothly. I used the cleanser as I would a regular face wash, rinsed with warm water after a few moments. My face instantly looked more refreshed and less irritated (I have to admit – I am a picker ugh). I finished with a layer of the Clarity Awakening Face Cream. I am officially obsessed! I have been on that endless journey, spending outrageous amounts of money testing different skin care products and I am fully convinced that I will never buy another product again.

Good Medicine Beauty Lab creates products that are not only great for your skin, but smell divine and are good for the earth as well. The Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains have a lovely floral smell, a mixture of Juniper, Powdered Pearls and Lily of the Valley. The cleanser plumps, brightens and softens skin. It also increases hydration, diminishes age spots and discolorations, and protects against premature aging and skin damage.

A Good Medicine beauty tip?! Add a little bit of the Ashes to the Clarity Face Cream with a little bit of water and use as a face mask – leave on for 10 minutes and rinse to reveal clean, hydrated skin. Its like a bonus third product without having to pay!