Get to know Shawn Paul!

Whether you know Shawn Paul or you don’t, there is a lot about this man that many don’t know or find surprising. Shawn Paul is just such a fascinating person so we wanted to make a post dedicated completely to him. So here are a few things you might not know!

– He is a coral breeder.

What is a coral breeder you ask? I sure did. A coral breeder is someone that breeds different types of coral and sea anemones. He really went through a Bubble Tip Anemone phase. They are definitely worth a google.

– He hosts the perfect themed dinner party.

His favorite themed house party was “Chips, Dips, Chains, and Whips – An S&M themed housewarming party”. This man knows how to shake things up… and yes, it was totally PG13(ish)!

– He is a national Davines Business Coach. Davines is an international hair product line based in Italy and we just so happen to use in it our salon!

– He enjoys identifying local species of snakes when he sees them while traveling. Seeking out local wildlife, totally is his jam.

– He is from Michigan and dreams of owning a lake cottage there.

– He only reads non-fiction.

His favorite? Mary Roach’s “Stiff”. Check it out!

– He travels often but has not found his favorite place just yet.

If he had to choose, Honduras might be up there solely based on the wildlife.

– He really enjoys rainy weathered places. the moodier the weather, the better.

– He fancies himself an amateur barista and has a whole coffee bar setup in his house. He didn’t want to brag about this, but he recently figured out how to steam his own milk.


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