Cleveland Heights Salon Goes Tech Crazy

The always fabulous and exclusive Shawn Paul Salon is riding the technology wave… and riding it well.  Not only can you book your cut and color appointment by using four different ways you can also follow our specials and updates with your favorite forms of social media! Let me break it down for you. 

4 ways to book an appointment at the Shawn Paul Salon 

  1. Facebook: Like the Shawn Paul Salon and post on our wall. 
  2. Email Shawn Paul directly at 
  3. Call 216.862.6029 and go the traditional route
  4. Text your appointment requests … but only if you have Shawn Paul’s cell phone number

How to stay in the loop on awesome specials and updates

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Check-In on FourSquare (huge specials here)
  4. Look us on Yelp 
  5. Visit the Shawn Paul Salon Blog 
  6. Check us out on Google Places (please write a review her if you have free time!) 

The Shawn Paul Salon is clearly a tech savvy place to be… Rumor has it they also have wi-fi! So get online or onto your smartphone and check us out!