Cleveland’s Greenest Salon Experience – Thanks to Green Circle !

Cleveland is really cool, and having a salon in Cleveland is even cooler… but having a salon in Cleveland that is able to recycle EVERYTHING that comes in contact with our guests is the ultimate in awesomeness. With our partnership with Green Circle we are literally able to recycle your hair, our highlight foils, our manicure brushes, our waxing strips, the left over color in the bowls, and even our empty color tubes. This organization has helped us create the ultimate eco-salon experience.

Last quarter we recycled 117 lbs. of solid salon waste (hair, color tubes, foils, etc) and 54 lbs. of liquid waste (hair color)!!! This is absolutely amazing. The hair gets turned into a new eco-plastic as well as mats for cleaning up oil spills. The color waste gets dehydrated and the water then gets filtered and is able to be returned to the earth… These are just a few of the projects that Green Circle has created to help us make our industry more sustainable.

We love being Cleveland’s most eco-salon!