The Dream Team

I believe that the Shawn Paul Salon is truly Cleveland’s best and most unique salon. How can I make such a bold statement? It’s simple, we’ve heard it time and time again from our guests. Our team of talented stylists truly strive to create beautiful hair while genuinely caring about the person in the chair. Our salon doesn’t have clients, we have guests and friends… and occasionally “family”. We are pretty lucky like that.

So let me tell you a little bit about our team.

Rachael is a power house of fabulous and joined our team in March of 2014. She worked in Manhattan for the past decade, and was ready for a change. After moving to the Heights, she wanted to get involved in giving back to the community. She volunteered at a St. Baldricks event shaving heads to raise money for Children’s cancer research. That is where I met her. She had that ultra chill vibe that I love and a gift for creating beauty. We only spent three chaotic hours together at the event, but we both pretty much knew that we were going to need to get her behind the chair at the SPS. Rachael’s specialties include, curly cutting, pixies, men’s cuts, layers, and the BEST blowouts that have ever seen. She is a well-rounded addition to our family and we are super lucky to have her.

Angela is an ultra-efficient machine of beauty awesomeness. She and I have had a rather lengthy history, and it was pretty much love at first sight. I was super nervous when I left college to go to cosmetology school, and I met Angela on day one. She was one of my teachers. We instantly bonded over our mutual love for melancholy music. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone that loves Damien Rice or David Gray is a quality person. This has prove true with Angela. She has a crazy coolness under pressure and always delivers gorgeous results. Her techniques have been well honed over her years behind the chair, training under the masters, and educating others. Watching Angela cut hair is simply beautiful. Her hands  and shears act as one. I can still spend hours watching her work.  Angela’s specialties include men’s cutting, long-layered cuts, and stunning color. Every day with Angela is awesome. She is simply lovely and I am amazed that she chose us.

Holly is our resident hipster. She is so much cooler than I could ever be and always knows what is happening in Cleveland. Holly and I met in beauty school and were quickly forced to become besties. You’ll have to come in for a visit if you want to know why our fast-friendship happened. Anyway, Holly has worked in every facet of the beauty industry, has a snarky humor within her, and a true belief that one’s personal health can be positively impacted by feeling beautiful. Her goal is to bring our industry closer to the health side of things instead of the vanity based perception that often follows it. She possesses a beautiful spirit and a bag full of tricks to make hair work for you instead of against you. Her strengths include thorough consultations, beautiful bang work, women’s cutting and color, as well as a beautiful product knowledge base. She has been with us since day one and I can not even imagine a life at the SPS without her.

Now that you know what I think makes our team so spectacular, please come on in and meet these beautiful gals for yourself. Our salon is beyond fortunate to have them and my life is much better for it as well.

Thank you so much Holly, Angela, and Rachael for making the SPS so fierce!