Trying to find Davines Haircare in Cleveland? We’ve got it!

Apparently, getting your hands on the good stuff can be hard to do in Cleveland… But for the right reasons. Davines is an Italian Haircare brand that only puts their products in the care of certain salons. That is because they believe that being a Davines salon, which the Shawn Paul Salon totally is, comes with great responsibility. Not only does that salon need to be well educated in the unique properties of the products, it needs to be able to educate and share its glory with their guests.

What makes Davines so unique? For starters…

  • Davines is Gluten Free
  • Davines is Paraben Free
  • Davines is Sulfate Free
  • Davines is Vegan
  • Davines is Carbon Neutral 
  • Davines Manufactures Using Renewable Energy 
  • Davines is Packaged in Food-Grade Reusable Packaging

… and as if that wasn’t enough to make Davines the most bad@$s product in the industry, they took it one step further and became Slow Food Foundation certified! They are supporting small farms to small-batch craft their award winning products.  What?!?! This is the craziest and coolest thing ever! Oh, and did I mention that Davines is the only beauty industry manufacturer that is a member of the LifeGate Foundation!!!

The Shawn Paul Salon could not be more proud to be a Davines salon!