Shawn Paul Salon Brought Home Gold in Chili Cook Off

photo (28)

This post is ridiculously late, but with the Olympics being upon us I figured it was worth a shout out. So this past fall the Shawn Paul Salon had the awesome opportunity to show it’s support for our community by entering as the only non-restaurant competing in the Cleveland Heights Youth Recreation League’s Annual Chili-Cook Off. Creating chili for hundreds to sample was hard, creating a chili that could win against pros was even harder, but then deciding to make it vegan really kicked the challenges up a notch.

Needless to say, with the help of the Shawn Paul Salon’s biggest supporter and local curly haired hot-mess Bethany-B we diced, sliced, and spiced up a batch of fierceness. Our chili was not only edible… it was delicious! We served it up hot and fresh from our overly decorated table while wearing matching attire… Understated has never really been the SPS’s style… and the judges deliberated and voted us the winner of THE MOST UNIQUE CHILI category !!! Clearly they had not noticed the copious amounts of glitter that had flecked off from our decor into the tasting bowls… it  added flair and flavor if you ask me.

Maybe next time you’re in for a quick trim, we might have opened a chili-bistro in our mini kitchen… One never knows!