Meet our newest team member, Sable!

The Shawn Paul Salon is excited to welcome Sable! She is an astoundingly gifted massage therapist with a passion for pampering her guests. So when I reached out to her about providing me with some fun facts about herself, she was excited about getting to know the Shawn Paul Salon community a little better! 

1.She is a coffee addict! Because honestly, caffeine makes the world go round and thank goodness there is a Starbucks coffee a few doors down from the salon.

2.She considers herself an anime nerd! Want to know what her favorite anime is? Stop in and ask her!

3.This one is really cool – she is teaching herself Japanese! Can’t wait to hear how she is progressing. 

4.She is a Thrift Store Junkie! It really is true that some of the best finds can be found second-hand. So, what is the most favorite thing that you have found second-hand? 

5.She is crazy-cat lady! Which is great because most of the staff at the Shawn Paul Salon are also cat crazy. She’ll fit right in! I wonder if she has noticed the dozens of cat pictures/painting/sculptures hanging around the salon?

6.She will eat almost anything dipped in dark chocolate! (mmm…now I want chocolate covered pretzels…)

I don’t know about you, but I think Sable is going to get along great at the Salon! Want to get to know Sable even better? Schedule your massage appointment today by click the appointments tab in the top right corner of our home page