Get to know the Shawn Paul Salon blogger!

For the past year, I have been writing blog posts for the Shawn Paul salon about new services, products, events, and more. While conversing with Shawn Paul earlier today about topics for the next blog post, he mentioned that I should do a post about myself. So, here we go!

1. When I am not blogging for the best salon in Cleveland, I spend my days working in the Marketing Industry. I recently started a new job with a political and advocacy digital marketing group which is pretty outside of my comfort zone!

2. I have two dogs, Milo (Milo Monster) and Duke (Dukey Bear), and a cat, Oliver (Baby Kitty). If you are interested in seeing the world’s cutest animals, they happen to share an Instagram account.

3. I LOVE tea. Strong and unsweetened, green and grassy, herbal and sweet. My favorite tea? Yerba Mate! My favorite place to get tea in Cleveland Heights? Phoenix, of course!

4. When I started college, I had initially wanted to be a Journalist. However, I switched my major after I realized how much I disliked writing. Ironic, I know! I much prefer writing short blips like blog or social media posts.

5. I have a serious greeting card obsession. I used to work at a gift shop boutique in Cleveland Heights and developed a love of the simple, sweet sentiment of giving a note to someone. I have a box filled with cards and continue adding to my collection. My vice? I can’t seem to give some cards away!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post!