Get to Know a Team Member: Lily Goldfarb

At the Shawn Paul Salon, we love getting together and expressing our inner-weirdness. Our salon provides a safe space for all guest AND salon staff to be their most authentic selves. Recently, we provided all of our staff members with a list of unique and whimsical questions for each of them to answer so that we could feature them on our website and newsletters. Each week, we will be posting their answers to help each of our guests get to know our salon and their stylist, nail tech, esthetician, masseuse that much better!

How do you, as a member of the Shawn Paul Salon team, view our salon in just a few words?

Beautiful, Family, Emotional, Supportive

What is your go-to coffee/tea order?

 Iced Black Tea Lemonade

What is one hair product that you could not live without? 

Davines’ Oi Oil!!

What is an unusual talent you have? 

I am an 80’s music trivia QUEEN!

What is one strange thing that you are afraid of?

Touching baking flour and/or chalk!

What are some of the unwritten rules at the Shawn Paul Salon?

The salon is a safe space for feelings. All the feelings! Girl power, always.

What kind of cult would you like to start?

A mermaid cult! Who is with me?

What conspiracy do you find the most interesting?

The Mandela Effect!

What can you talk about for hours on end?

Cats and Harry Potter. All the way.

Oh! And did you know that when Lily isn’t slaying the nail game, she is sewing the world’s cutest Pet Zombie dolls? Honestly, what can’t she do?! If you think she is amazing as we do, click here to check out her amazing creations.