The Lee Road Express

An expedited, yet relaxing service that includes an aromatic soak, nail shaping and cuticle grooming, gentle massage, then finishes with an ultra-glam polish

Manicure – 45 min Pedicure – 45 min
Senior $25 $35
Master $30 $40

The Forest Hill

Everything listed in the Lee Road Express plus callus removal, a warmed treatment, a bit more of the relaxing massage and a soothing herbal hot towel wrap.

Manicure – 60 min Pedicure – 60 min
Senior $35 $55
Master $40 $60

The Rockefeller

Everything listed in the Forest Hill plus your choice of a  mask, and an absolutely fabulous luxury lotion massage. This is luxury at it’s finest.

Manicure – 75 min Pedicure – 75 min
Senior $50 $70
Master $55 $75

Nail Rehabilitation Services

Gel Rehab – Series of 4 Weekly Manicures

Treat yo’self to Zoya’s Naked Manicure System and repair your gel or nature damaged nails with a once weekly Lee Road Express manicure.This system will strengthen, condition, and improve the flexibility of your nails using botanicals, vitamins, and proteins. The gel removal is on us!

Manicure: $100 | 45 min

Gelie-Cure System

A patented simple 3-step system for damaged nails that incorporates a demi-gel layer to lock in treatment and protect nails, while providing the perfect foundation to paint over or leave natural.

Manicure: $35

Gel-X Nail System

A healthier alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails!

Full Set with Tips $60

Full Set with Tips Plus Removal $70

*Gel Manicure Upgrade add $10/15 min. to service
*Gel Pedicure Upgrade add $15/15 min. to service
*Gel File and Soak Off add $15/30 min. to service (unless getting Gel Upgrade)
*French Tip Upgrade add $10 to service

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