The Lee Road Express

An expedited, yet relaxing service that includes an aromatic soak, nail shaping and cuticle grooming, gentle massage, then finishes with an ultra-glam polish

Manicure – 45 min Pedicure – 45 min
Senior $30 $40
Master $35 $45

The Forest Hill

Everything listed in the Lee Road Express plus callus removal, a warmed treatment, a bit more of the relaxing massage and a soothing herbal hot towel wrap.

Manicure – 60 min Pedicure – 60 min
Senior $40 $60
Master $45 $65

The Rockefeller

Everything listed in the Forest Hill plus your choice of a  mask, and an absolutely fabulous luxury lotion massage. This is luxury at it’s finest.

Manicure – 75 min Pedicure – 75 min
Senior $55 $75
Master $60 $80

Gel-X Nail System

A healthier alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails!

Full Set with Tips $65 & up
Full Set with Tips Plus Removal $75 & up
Gel-X Removal $25 & up

Nail Art

Level 1 – Book this if you would like a little something extra on your gel manicure! Level 1 nail art includes 2-3 accent nails, simple nail art on a few fingers, or short french tips. Give yourself some pizzazz! $5
Level 2 – Book this if you are looking for something a little more dramatic on your gel manicure! This includes long french tips, 3 or more accent nails of varying colors, or complex nail art on 3-6 nails. $15
Level 3 – Book this if you would like each nail to be its own unique masterpiece on your gel manicure! Please reach out to the salon with your inspiration photos before the appointment. $25

Nail Rehabilitation Services

Gel Rehab – Series of 4 Weekly Manicures

Treat yo’self to Zoya’s Naked Manicure System and repair your gel or nature damaged nails with a once weekly Lee Road Express manicure.This system will strengthen, condition, and improve the flexibility of your nails using botanicals, vitamins, and proteins. The gel removal is on us!

Manicure: $100 | 45 min

Gelie-Cure System

A patented simple 3-step system for damaged nails that incorporates a demi-gel layer to lock in treatment and protect nails, while providing the perfect foundation to paint over or leave natural.

Manicure: $35

*Gel Manicure Upgrade add $10/15 min. to service
*Gel Pedicure Upgrade add $15/15 min. to service
*Gel File and Soak Off add $15/30 min. to service (unless getting Gel Upgrade)

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