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Hair Services

The Shawn Paul Salon is proud to be a gender neutral salon.  Our services are priced based on length of hair, time needed for the service, and level of stylist you are seeing. When booking, you can input your preferred pronouns or let our front desk know and they can add them to your profile.

Inclusivity means offering services to everybody- Our team has been trained in curly and coily hair cutting and setting (this does not currently include braids or twist outs) which means curly guests don’t have to look for the “curl specialist” at our salon.

When booking, simply choose the length and then choose the “curly/coily hair” add on so your stylist will have enough time to give your curls the attention they deserve.

We pride ourselves on allowing our team to perform services they love.  Not all services are available with all stylists.

Online Booking:  Many services are bookable online to allow our guests the freedom to schedule when it is convenient for them.  While we do our best to provide clear descriptions of a service, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions!

*A note about online scheduling:  If you are looking for a specific date or time, and the service you want isn’t showing up as available, it means there is not enough time for the service.  We ask that guests only book the service they want instead of the service there is time for.

Our menu is meant to illustrate the types of services we offer.  Our online booking portal will show the individual prices with each stylist.



Our haircut menu is based on length so all guests are able to choose what is best for them. If you current length is 6 or more inches different than your desired length, please book a transformation cut.

NEW GUEST SERVICES – When booking your first appointment with our salon, please utilize the “New Guest” categories. Our New Guest service offerings have built-in consultation time and include a conditioning treatment.

Barber Style Cut – A short cropped look that is done mostly with clippers or scissor over comb and is left a little longer on top.  Service includes wash, cut, and finishing.
Pixie Haircut – Whether you wear it short and cropped, or a little longer, a pixie cut is anything chin length or shorter.  Service includes wash, cut, and finishing.
Mid-Length Haircut – This is for length between the chin and collarbone.  Service includes wash, cut, and finishing.
Long Haircut – Your hair falls between your collarbone and mid back. Service includes wash, cut, and finishing.
Extra-Long Cut – Long and luxurious!  Your hair is mid back and longer! Service includes wash, cut, and finishing.
Transformation Cut – Are you sick of your hair and looking for something new? Are you wanting to cut off more than 6 inches?  A big change takes time, and this service includes plenty of time for you and your stylist to go over what you want.  This service includes a thorough consultation, a styling lesson for your new look, a wash, conditioning treatment, cut, and finishing

-When booking this service, be on the look out for an email from us asking for what kind of style you’re leaning towards.  We want to make sure you are matched with the perfect stylist for your finished look.

-Hair donations:  We do not send out hair for donations, that will be handled by the guest.  We will provide you with your hair in ponytails for you to send to the charity of your choosing.

I’m sick of my hair and I want to shave it off – Book this service to receive a consultation- sometimes we just need to talk through our awkward grow out stage. Or, we can shave your head! Complimentary if you just need a pep talk, $15 if you shave your head.

Color Services

Color Services

We offer everything from a basic retouch to a full rainbow of color.  Our stylists are well educated in color and will always prioritize the health of your hair.  To make sure you leave feeling your absolute best, all services include a conditioning treatment and toner unless you choose the express color.

Prices are based on level of stylist and time needed to completed the finished result.  See our booking portal for specific service pricing with each stylist.

New Guest Color Services: New Guests can book their own simple retouches and color applications online, simply look for the color options in our online booking portal under New Guest Services. Similar to our cut services, our New Guest Color Services have extra time built in for a thorough consultation.

Please see our advanced color services for the list of consultation options and to learn more about our pricing for these services.

Current Guest Maintenance Services

Current Guest Maintenance Services

Established guests are able to book their maintenance services online!

Simply go to our online booking portal and choose your maintenance service.  Not sure what to book?  Reach out to us and our front desk team will happily help you!

Classic Root Retouch: Maintain your “natural” color every 3-8 weeks with a classic root retouch. If it’s been more than 9 weeks (3 inches+ of regrowth) since your last retouch a $20 extra product charge is added. Service includes retouch application, glossing treatment, and finishing.
Classic All Over Color: A single color is applied roots to ends. This is for anyone looking to shift their tone (warmer or cooler), or go darker. If you want to go lighter, a consultation may be required. Look for an email from us asking for current hair photos and your end goal. Service includes color application, conditioning treatment, and finishing.
Bleach Retouch: Bright blonde is a lifestyle. Maintain your blonde every 3-6 weeks with a retouch and toner. Service includes a k18 treatment. If it’s been more than 7 weeks, there is a $100 charge for extra product and time. If it’s been longer than 12 weeks, you will need a bleach application consultation.
Classic Full Highlight Retouch: A full head application to achieve a lighter, brighter look. Consultation required for new guests, please select dimensional color consultation. Service includes blonding, toner, k18 treatment, and finishing.
Classic Partial Highlight Retouch: For maintenance between full application appointments, or a more subtle blonde effect, this service will focus blonde around your face and through the top. Consultation required for new guests. Please select dimensional color consultation. Service includes blonding, toner, k18 treatment, and finishing.
Express Blonde: A maintenance service between highlight appointments to keep your blonde looking its best! Service includes a build up removing shampoo, toner, k18 treatment, and finishing.

-Add on Face Framing highlights $75 and up. 

Advanced Color Services

Advanced Color Services

Whether you are new to coloring your hair, or wanting to make a big change, we can help you get a brand new look.  These services require a consultation so you can be paired with the perfect stylist for your goals.

All of our advanced color services utilize hourly pricing to ensure you get everything needed to achieve your color goals.  At your consultation, your stylist will go over your inspiration photos, hair history, and a minimum and maximum amount of time needed for the service.  You’ll be able to book your appointment knowing exactly what to expect on the day of the service.  Session pricing allows us to focus on helping you reach your goals using all of the tools and techniques available to us.

If you decide to book an appointment at your consultation, a deposit will be required to hold the appointment.  The deposit will go toward your service.

What is included in session pricing?  All products needed, conditioning treatments, a haircut, and finishing

*When choosing a stylist for these services, their hourly rate will be listed as the price of the service*

Dimensional Color: Everything from balayage, to teasy lights, the words you see on instagram and TikTok all mean the same thing- beautiful dimensional color. Book a dimensional color consultation with one of our color experts to go over goals, maintenance, and pricing.
Platinum Blonde: Ready to go as blonde as possible? Book a platinum consultation to be paired with a color specialist who will go over your goals, hair history, and maintenance.
Fashion Color: Do you want something outside of the norm? Book a fashion color consultation to be paired with one of our fashion color experts and get the rainbow hair of your dreams.


Styling Services

Natural Curl Wash + Set: Treat your curls to a wash, conditioning treatment, product application, and diffusing until dry so you can look your best for an event. This service is also a great option for guest new to wearing their hair curly and want to learn how to properly apply product and style
-Want something a little fancier? Choose the “make it fancy” add on and have some of your curls pinned up
Classic Blow Out: Need a polished look for an event? Just don’t feel like washing your hair? Book a blow out and receive a wash, shine treatment, and a beautiful blow dry. *Note- Hair below the shoulder blades is considered extra long and failure to choose this add on may result in your stylist not having enough time to finish your service
-Extra long hair blow out- Your hair is below your shoulder blades please add on Extra long hair to add $15 and 15 min to your service
-Thermal style upgrade adds on flat ironing or curling $15 + 15 min to service
Curly/Coily Blow Out: Have your hair smoothed out and finished. Price includes wash, moisturizing treatment, smoothing blow dry, and flat ironing. Extra time included so your curls/coils can get the attention the deserve.
-Add on curling iron curls $15
Tinsel!: Add some sparkle to your hair with long wearing tinsel. Only available with Maggie and Carey.