Our Mission is Simple… Create Simplified Beauty.

Cleveland Heights’ Shawn Paul Salon is unlike any salon you’ve ever been to. Our vibe is casual, our team is ultra-talented, and our space is essentially a blown-out Pinterest board. We strive to help our guests feel as though they are at a friend’s house, chilling in a swanky living room, and they just happen to get to leave with gorgeous hair. In the interest of full disclosure, our conversations might dabble in the periphery of inappropriate at times, but getting to know our guests matters and so does talking about the world around us.

We are the polar antonym of stuffy. Playful? Sure. Snarky? A lil’ bit. Overall, we just try to keep it real, and make every moment awesome. Our commitment to community and charity is one of our driving forces. We actively share our time and resources to support many local non-profits and our absolutely amazing public schools. You have to take care of the community around you. Currently, we are involved with Preterm, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, and several other awesome organizations.

Ultimately, we would love to invite you into our salon and share our experience with you. We know that our brand of crazy isn’t for everyone, but it just might be for you! P.S. thank you for reading this awkward braggery.