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Get to know our team by reading our answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Shawn Paul - Owner / Stylist

Vivian - Owner / Stylist

Instagram: @coiffeusevivian

Rachael - Stylist / Influencer

Holly - Stylist / Influencer

Megan - Stylist / Hair Salon Manager

Instagram: @meganvalishair

Angela - Stylist

Instagram: @angaddshair

Mandy - Stylist

Britney - Stylist

Gabrielle - Stylist

Ashley - Stylist

Instagram: @ashcolorshair

Zoe - Stylist

Instagram: @justcallzoe

Lily - Nail Salon Manager

Katy - Nail Technician

Instagram: @723arts

Char - Esthetician

Emily - Boutique + Social Media Manager / Salon Coordinator

Instagram: @thesteepinvegan

Tatyana - Salon Coordinator

Amanda - Salon Coordinator

Micaela - Salon Coordinator

Kevin - Salon Coordinator

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