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Get to know our team by reading our answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Hair Team

Get to know our stylists!

Vivian (She/Her) - Owner / Stylist

Instagram: @coiffeusevivian

I have been a hairstylist for almost 15 years and stay inspired by constantly learning new techniques and taking as many classes as I can.  My hobbies include whimsy and sarcasm, maximalist decoration, baking, and generally being obsessed with pop culture.  While I eagerly await the fall of the patriarchy, I enjoy walking my dogs (Dottie and Izzy) with their cat brother, Edgar, and learning how to cook.

Enthusiastic About/What I Love to Do: I love helping my clients achieve the hair that makes them feel their best. I especially love doing custom colors and curly cuts!

Available Days: Monday, Friday, + Saturday

Angela (She/Her) - Manager / Stylist

Instagram: @angaddshair

I have a rottweiler named Groot and a daughter named Lillyana! I love entertaining at my home with my family and friends. I also love going on long drives and love to hike. I really love to cook so if you have any favorite recipes, send them my way!

Enthusiastic About/What I Love to Do: Pixies, Barber Cuts, All Over Color/Single Process, Grey Coverage, and Natural Highlights

Available Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Carey (She/They) - Stylist

Instagram: @faerie_hair

I have two cats, Rogue and Storm. I love going to concerts, expanding my gluten-free baking repertoire, and doing whatever craft inspires me most at the moment. If it’s warm, I’ll find some way to enjoy the outdoors but once it’s cold, I’ll be curled up with a book or video game.

Enthusiastic About/What I Love to Do: Fantasy color, all over color, root retouch, kids cuts, barber cuts, shag/short layered cuts, and tinsel!

Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Gabrielle (She/Her) - Stylist

I have a dog named, ‘Lil Dude, and a cat named, Beauty! I like to eat and make good food, stay active, paint + draw, and garden. I am also in nursing school and plan to be a nurse practitioner one day.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Traditional Foil Highlights, Single Process – Root Retouches/All Over Colors, Barber Cuts, Short Cuts, + Blowouts

Available Days: Saturday + Monday

Holly (She/Her) - Stylist

Instagram: @embodiedlover

I have two cats named Ms. Claudette Monet and Aloysius O’Kelly and spend part of my free time playing on an ice hockey team called the Trash Pandas. I am also an Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga teacher who is trauma informed. I love connecting health and beauty so that folks can feel their best on the inside and out.

Enthusiastic About/What I Love to Do: I love grow-out cuts! It is a journey for both of us as we work through the different stages. It is awesome to finally see some transition points through-out the process.

Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Jennifer (She/Her) - Stylist

I have two dogs – Piston + Bunny Muffins – as well as two cats – Zero + Titty Mow Mow. I also have a small coral farm with too many fish and coral to name. I am solar-powered and spend all summer outside, near the water when possible. In the winter, I bake a lot in the winter to avoid crankiness and enjoy cuddle puddles with my pets and partner, Jonathan.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Precision Cutting, Bleach Retouches, Traditional Color, Grey Blending/Coverage, and Color Matching.

Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Karrington (She/Her)- Hair Stylist / Nail Technician

Instagram: @kallure_collection_

I have a beautiful cat nephew, named Echo, and enjoy spending my free time being creative. I love going to the art museum and spending time with my friends.

I also love a good ‘dad joke’! Why are elevator jokes so good? They work on many levels.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: All cut (but especially curly cuts) and color services! I love doing highlights, root retouches, all over color, custom color services, and color corrections.

Available Days (Hair): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, + Saturday

Maggie - Hair Stylist (She/They)

Instagram: @maggieshairaccount

I have a little dog named Preston Peterson! In my free time, I like to play video games, watch movies, read fanfiction and anime (my favorite is yugioh!). I am terrible at cooking but like to garden!

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: I consider myself pretty well-versed as a stylists BUT my favorite services are vivids, color corrections, mullets, shags, and hair tinsel.

Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Rachael (She/Her) - Stylist

I am outspoken person who likes to form lifelong connections with my clients and am an ally to all. I have a dog named Reuben and three cats named Penelope, Armand, and Otto. I also have two parakeets named Timothy and Charlie!

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Pixie Cuts, Curly Cuts, and Traditional color services like single process and highlights

Available Days: Sunday, Monday, + Thursday

Renee (She/Her) - Stylist

I am newer to Cleveland and moved here from Columbus! I just got married to my partner of over 6 years in October of 2022. I am a cat mom to an old boy named Bear. I love to read and try new foods and restaurants. Let me know your recommendations! In my free time, I also like to play video games.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Foiling, Balayage, Bleach Retouches

Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday + Sunday

Shannon (She/Her) - Stylist

Instagram: @ShannonLeidich

I have a rescue pup named, Blossom! I really love being outside and especially love spending my free time hiking. I am always open to new hiking recommendations! I also like to paint (my favorite color is yellow!) and enjoy listening to all kinds of music. You can often find me at live concerts or music festivals.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Color Corrections, Fantasy Colors, Transformational Colors, Blonding Services, and Extensions.

Available Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and every other Sunday

Nail Team

Get to know our nail technicians!

Lily (She/Her) - Manager / Master Nail Technician

Instagram: @goldfarbulousnails

I have been doing nails for over 10 years and love working in the beauty industry. It brings me so much joy to help people look and feel their best. When I am not at work, you can find me hanging out with my cats – Dini + Salem, doing some sort of craft project, or trying out a new recipe. My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV and love discussing the latest episodes!

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Gel Manicures + Nail Art!

Available Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Brittany (She/Her) - Nail Technician

Instagram: @poshnailcreations_

I have a cat named Moon, a guinea pig named Egg, and a 9-year-old son named, Jordan. I like to play video games and listening to music. I also love Bob’s Burgers! If you check out my Instagram account, you can see some Bob’s Burger themed nail art I did for a client’s pedicure.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Gel-X Extensions, Nail Art, and Natural Nail Care

Available Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, + Saturday

Grace (She/Her)- Nail Technician

I have a long-haired, grey cat named Devin. I love ALL things Halloween + Spooky – my birthday is even October 31st! I also love true crime documentaries and welcome any recommendations for ones I may not have seen. I love to travel and aspire to do more in the near future.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Natural Nails + Gel Manicures!

Available Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Katy (She/Her) - Nail Technician

Instagram: @katyjaneco

When I am not at work, I love making art and cooking! I always want to talk about food so if there are any recipes you’ve made or restaurants you have tried recently, I would love to hear about them. My favorite chips are Honey BBQ Fritos and I always LOVE seeing everyone’s pet pictures.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Gel Manicures + Nail Art! Particularly abstract art based on patterns, colors, organic shapes, and more.

Available Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mandi (She/Her)- Nail Technician

I have been doing nails for over 10 years now. I deeply enjoy getting to pamper my clients and provide them with time to just unwind and relax. When I’m not at the salon, I spend my time uplifting and cheerleading for folks at a boudoir photography studio that I run and volunteering at Preterm. I’ve got three fur babies (Benji, Marcel and Francois) and love playing Chess.

Enthusiastic About/What I Like to Do: Gel manicures and Fancy Pedicures

Availability: Wednesday + Thursday

Spa Team

Get to know our esthetician!

Char (She/Her) - Esthetician

I am definitely a nature girl! I love spending time with my husband, healthy cooking, camping, hiking, traveling, music, and campfires with friends. I have a holistic approach to skin care and life in general. I am passionate about supporting eco-friendly companies. Clean ingredients are especially important to me…and yes, I collect rocks and crystals too! 😉

Front Desk Team

Get to know our front desk staff members!

Emily (She/Her) - Salon General Manager

I am a cat mom of two (5-year-old Oliver, 8-year-old Fred, and an 18-year-old cat Kenny). I love spending my free time listening to my favorite podcasts or audible books while cooking with my sous chef, Kenny – meow. I also enjoy thrifting, antiquing, and finding the latest Facebook Marketplace finds. When I am not at home, you can usually find me checking out different local food spots with my sister.

Amanda (She/Her) - Front Desk Coordinator

I’m a mom to a wonderful goofy daughter, as well as a Greyhound and two Huskies. I have a lot of hobbies, too: I bake and decorate cookies, I sew clothes for my daughter. I also cosplay when I can, and I have plans to sew my own cosplay outfits from scratch! My husband and I play D&D a few times a week with our friends, and I love adding to my ever-growing collection of fancy dice.

Chiyoko (She/Her)- Front Desk Coordinator

I am an avid runner and am currently training for my next marathon (I already have a number of marathons under my belt!). I love to stay active with walks, runs, or a good bike ride. I am also a mom of one and dog mom of two big, loveable Dobermans named Jack + Harley.

Leigha (She/Her) - Front Desk Coordinator

I am currently a student at Cleveland State University working towards a degree in Film, Video & Photographic Arts! I have a cat named Herman and I love the outdoors. I especially like to ski during the winter!

Lily (She/Her) - Front Desk Coordinator

I have a charming and handsome hunk of a fiancé along with two fur babies – Butterbean + Jellybean. My love language is cooking and I especially love trying new recipes with my fiancé! Our favorite dishes to try are usually Vietnamese and Japanese. I wake up every morning with the joy + excitement of wanting to go directly back to sleep. And if you really want to know, I am always down to “live, laugh, love”.