The 1st Ever Shawn Paul Salon Article !!! Thanks Lita Gonzalez

New salon to offer simplified beauty

by Lita Gonzalez

It’s a small space—700 square feet—long, narrow and tall. When my eyes wandered up from the freshly painted walls towards the ceiling, it was immediately apparent that this will be an elegant space. Two vintage chandeliers hang sparkling from the ceiling in the soon-to-open Shawn Paul Salon.

Shawn Paul Gustafson showed me around the salon that will bear his name. Nestled between The Stone Oven and Kobalt onLee RoadinCleveland Heights, the salon boasts rich but subtle jewel-toned walls and silver accents. Gustafson explained that he is hoping to create a different type of boutique salon—exceptionally quaint, very individualized and all about simplified beauty. Shawn Paul Salon will provide clients with the option of private appointments on Sundays.

“My salon is all about the community and my clientele,” he said. The Surface line of products that the salon will carry, are vegan friendly, and free of paraben, gluten and sulfates. Even the reading material will be geared to his clients’ interests. Gustafson said that he wants clients who come into the salon to feel comfortable and pampered, and wants the services he provides to be nurturing and without pretention. “I want to create beauty that is moreMain Streetthan runway,” he said.

Gustafson is invested in the Heights community. He recently moved back to the Heights to live near the salon, and will be featuring community art in the salon space. “I’m opening my salon with three goals in mind: to create simplified beauty for everyone, to support the Cedar Lee district, and to give back to the community. Wanting to embed myself deeper into the community that I love made the decision to open my own salon here easy,” he said.

With only two chairs and one sink, the salon will be intimate and offer highly personalized services. Because beauty involves more than just hair care, Gustafson hopes to eventually add alternative wellness services. Right now he is focused on all that still needs to be done in order to open in September.