Product Feature – A Moisturizer for All Skin Types

Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s Clarity Awakening Face Cream is a moisturizer made in heaven, especially for us living with the ever-changing (COLD) weather in Cleveland, Ohio. It is filled with vitamins and nutrients that are sure to leave you skin looking bright and refreshed. This hydrating face cream combines the scents of wild sage, desert rose and gardenia to create a soft aroma that lasts all day long. I have to say – it is truly a calming scent! I applied my daily layer of cream around 10 a.m. this morning and I can still smell the subtle sweetness – amazing!

Whether your skin is dry, acne prone, oily or maturing, this daily moisturizer benefits just about everything. Clarity helps firm, tone and brighten complexion while protecting the delicate facial skin from environmental damage – we all know we need protection from the brutal Cleveland winter breeze!! Clarity also helps reduce inflammation, calm and heal pre-existing acne and help prevent future blemishes, and reduce the risk of skin discoloration. For our clients with more mature skin – this face cream also helps boost collagen, helping your skin maintain its natural beauty. Clarity’s best feature? It helps protect against infections, bacteria and fungus! I know I am constantly touching my face and I do not even want to think about all of the bacteria I touch all throughout the day! Using this face cream gives me one less thing to worry about.

A Good Medicine Beauty Tip – add a few drops of the Rain Replenishing Oil Wash to a dab of Clarity Awakening Face Cream and apply to face and neck at night for an extra rich, night time recovery cream. This skin care line truly thinks of everything!