Product Feature – Good Medicine is Here!!!

Shawn Paul Salon, Cleveland Heights’ Best Salon, is now carrying the fabulous Good Medicine Beauty Lab skin care line!! Not only are these products incredibly good for your skin, they come in beautiful reusable jars with bright, colorful labels. Did we mention, that the Shawn Paul Salon is the first boutique in Ohio to carry Good Medicine Beauty Lab?!?

Why buy Good Medicine Beauty Lab products?

  • Made in America
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Bottled fresh daily
  • Expertly formulated
  • Derived from powerful botanicals
  • Does not test on animals
  • Naturally gluten – free
  • Contain no toxic ingredients


What product can we not stop talking about here at Shawn Paul Salon?

The Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask!!! Made from wild honey, apple pectin, aloe vera and so many other yummy ingredients, and filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals, this jelly – like mask smells amazing and transforms skin! If used daily, Honey Bee clears and brightens skin, provides deep hydration, prevents bacteria growth, reduces inflammation, moisturizes and soothes, evens and firms skin tone. Perfect for dry, tired, acne prone, irritated or even sunburned skin, the Honey Bee mask is sure to soften and heal to reveal your most beautiful and healthy skin. This product is a must have for everyone’s daily beauty routine.